The Cultural Heritage Programme supports the use of Open Source software, International Standards, and the CIDOC CRM ontology.

For a recent demo of the ResearchSpace platform please click here.


It is hosted by the University of Oxford's e-Research Centre.

The Cultural Heritage Programme extends the work of the semantic web pilot CLAROS which is also hosted by the University of Oxford's e-Research Centre.


Some current activities.

  • Linked Heritage will formalize the collaboration between the OeRC and the ResearchSpace project.


  • Smart Cities and Smart Heritage Cities



On 7 April 2016 The Cultural Heritage Programme signed a  MoU with Udaipur, one of the first twenty Smart Cities in India.


Co-signators were the Indian Heritage Cities Network and the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation

The MoU offers an oportunity to link Oxford and Udaipur as Smart Heritage Cities. Focusing on the built heritage that defines the urban landscape of both and applying to it the latest digital technologies for opening, linking and sharing data brings the Future to the Past with the potential of social and economic benefits.

Smart Heritage Cities: Oxford and Udaipur

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